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First time at Her feet: Chapter one

He stood at the door, a hot flush pervading his skin. His heart beat a mile a minute with fear and excitement. Raising a shaking hand, he readied himself to knock at the door but hesitated. Perhaps this was a mistake; he was too nervous. Surely, it would be a smart move – wise, even – to turn back now. He could slink away, back home to safety and familiarity, back to what he knew…

But that would mean leaving… Her…

Mistress Kitty.

He took the plunge at the mere thought of Her and knocked firmly against the wood of the door in front of him, forcing himself to consciously breathe deeply in an attempt to steady his nerves.

“Enter,” came the enchanting voice from the other side of the door. It was a voice with a natural authority, a voice used to commanding and being obeyed.

He obediently grasped the handle, turned it, and entered Her domain…

Within, the décor was a mixture of midnight black and deep red, illuminated by soft, white lighting that allowed the room to possess shadows in its corners and recesses. He had never entered a dungeon before and his eyes quickly took in some of the features of the room: a steel cage, a railing of leashes and whips; a St Andrew’s Cross, and in the middle of the room, a stylish wingback armchair upon which sat the divine figure of Mistress Kitty…

Gazing upon Her stole his breath away. She was sat in a regal fashion, with an elegant posture that accentuated Her perfect form. Her long legs were clad in open-toed high heel shoes that allowed her red toenails to glisten in the soft light. The heels were long and thin, almost like daggers, and culminated in sharp, cruel points that lay resting against the floor. He allowed his eyes to drift upwards from Her beautiful feet to drink in the rest of Her. She wore a bodice of purest black, made of leather and fitting Her form perfectly. Her arms were covered but Her fingertips, pale in the light of the room, arched gracefully upon the armrests of the chair, with blood-red nails gleaming, almost seeming to wink. His eyes dared to drift further up and beheld Her gaze. Beneath a curtain of long, silky, brunette hair, Mistress Kitty’s countenance stared: radiant in beauty. Her head was tilted ever so slighted to the side and the suggestion of a smirk played across Her luscious lips which matched the red of Her nails. Her cheekbones were elegant and sharp, whispering of some regal lineage that prided itself on aristocratic beauty. And then, there were Her eyes… he had never before beheld eyes as majestic as Mistress Kitty’s. Two pools of cool blue that seemed to simultaneously shine with an innate luminescence and also seemed to pull him inwards, like whirlpools. The effect was an exhilarating one, yet it calmed his nerves to behold such beauty.

“Shut the door behind you, sub,” Mistress Kitty instructed. That voice, again, radiating authority with complete and utter control.

He managed to nod, twitching nervously, and turned to shut the door quickly, eager to obey, before taking a few steps further into the room, closer to his Mistress.

Mistress Kitty raised Her left hand, pointing imperiously with Her index finger to the floor before Her. The blade of Her fingernail shone a bloody red.

“Come here,” She intoned. He moved to obey but the hand quickly raised up, palm outwards and fingers stretched to the sky, in a clear signal: STOP! “On your knees, sub!”

He cursed himself for being so foolish. Of course, he should be on his knees in the presence of his Mistress! Quickly, he threw himself upon the ground and crawled over on all fours to where his Mistress had directed him.

“Good boy,” came that heavenly voice again, this time softer. He felt his heart skip a beat at those words and the tone of them. “It is only right that you kneel before your Mistress, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” he intoned, still looking down at the floor. He felt a hand suddenly grab the collar of his shirt and roughly pull him close.

“Yes, what?” hissed Mistress Kitty sharply.

Cursing his stupidity again, he managed to splutter, “Yes, Mistress Kitty!”

“Better!” spat Mistress Kitty, “Remember your manners in the presence of your natural superior!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Now tell me, sub, what was the first thing you noticed when you came in the room?” The question was delivered in a devilishly sweet tone, a note of playfulness in it. He gulped, and gave his answer.

“Your feet, Mistress Kitty. Your beautiful feet.”

“Is that so?” There was definitely a hint of a smile in the voice now. “Beautiful, are they?”

His head still cast down in deference, a single foot now entered his vision. The tips of his Mistress’ toes swam teasingly in front of his face, drifting nonchalantly from side to side in a hypnotic dance. His eyes followed Her foot, entranced by the spectacle.

“Yes, Mistress Kitty,” he whispered in reverence of the sight.

Mistress Kitty sat back and smiled; She had him completely. She masterfully used Her dancer’s form to slowly move Her foot about, swinging it gracefully in an arc, then playfully moving it side to side, and spinning the toe tops in small concentric circles. All the while, She watched as his face turned ever so subtly to follow the movement of Her feet. She felt a thrill race through her; She was a puppeteer, totally and utterly in control. Still, best to ensure it…

“I think…” She murmured down to him, “that you would like to sniff My perfect feet… wouldn’t you, boy?”

He could not suppress a small, audible gasp escaping his lips. A shot of pure excitement rushed through him.

“Yes, my Mistress. Yes, please!” His voice was hoarse in anticipation.

The foot suddenly raised up towards his face, staying perfectly still in the air about an inch from his face.

“Sniff, sub!” It was not a request.

Eagerly, he bent his head down to Her open-toed shoes and inhaled a deep, long, single intake of breath. His eyes closed in rapturous ecstasy. She smelt divine! Her fragrance was unlike anything else he had experienced: something flowery but otherworldly. He could not believe his luck to be so close to Her flesh. He breathed out a shaking exhale, pulsating with excitement and preparing for a second inhale. He wanted to pinch himself in disbelief. Pressing his nose further, he inhaled deeply again, smelling the bottom of Her sole. The sweat of his Mistress’ feet from contact with Her shoe raced into his eager nostrils, enveloping him in a wave of bliss.

“Thank you, my Mistress! Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, sub,” came the gentle, kind voice from above him.

He lifted his hands to cup Her foot at the heel, holding it with reverence, maintaining his deep breaths in an attempt to capture his Mistress’ scent and commit it to memory.

“Remove my shoes, sub,” She instructed. His eyes snapped open and he raced to obey, gently undoing the straps and laying the shoes aside carefully. He sat back on his legs as She held a single foot up to his eyeline, allowing it to dangle there in front of his eyes. They stared, wide and unblinking, with a glazed look on them. Mistress Kitty smiled at the effect She had. “Would you like to kiss my pretty little toes, slave?” She purred coquettishly. He nodded eagerly, eyes practically vibrating in his skull at such a treat. Mistress Kitty giggled, smiling more broadly at Her enraptured prey. Her lips pressed together to mimic a kissing sound before delivering the steely command, “Kiss.”

His face leant forward quickly, eager to press his lips against those perfect soles. Her feet were long and elegant, a beautiful marble-white and as smooth as silk: pure perfection. His lips pressed against the underside of Her toes, savoring the sensation of them pressing against him. He methodically moved along the ridge of Her foot, planting small individual kisses periodically as he moved along and leaving not a single part of Her foot uncared for.

Mistress Kitty sank back in Her throne, relaxing and content. She stared down happily at the slave at Her feet and silently reveled in Her power over him. She had this power over many, she knew, but it was always good to see and experience yet another slave added to Her collection, eager to worship Her. Her beauty was undeniable and She had countless enthralled and under Her command. It was not just her looks that had so many helplessly bound to Her, but also her mind, with its creative approach to domination. The future, She knew, was female and She was headed there upon the backs on her adoring worshippers who longed to please and obey Her every whim.

Sighing contentedly, Mistress Kitty relaxed into Her armchair, making a mental note to have Her new slave switch to the other foot in a few minutes. Until then, Her long, elegant fingers gracefully reached across to pick up Her phone. Whilst Her latest sub worshipped Her feet, it was time to check in on some others within Her growing ranks of devotees…

Written by sub Rob, @Pup4Kitty

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beautiful!! perfectly captures Mistress Kittys divine presence

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