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First Time at Her Feet: Chapter one, Part two

He simply could not believe his luck!

​Here he was, kneeling against the hard wooden floor, with his lips on the feet of his most divine Mistress. Hours ago, this would have been an utter dream to him: the mere notion of being in the presence of a goddess such as Mistress Kitty was an enthralling notion and now… now he was worshipping Her feet.

​He was utterly enraptured. The scent had long ago entered into his nostrils and had gone straight to his head. He was lost in a world of lust, almost drunk in his excitement. Her divine scent had invaded his mind, slowly but surely creeping through his head and switching off his brain cells one by one until all that remained was him, here and now in this moment, worshipping her feet while kneeling on the floor as a mindless, obedient foot slave. He was exactly where he needed and wanted to be.

​His mindlessness made him happy. His mindlessness made him entirely focused on his Mistress and pleasing Her. He did not want for anything else and he knew this was how he was meant to be for Her: a mindless and obedient toy that existed to worship and please his Mistress.

​His act of devotion was one that overwhelmed him with physical pleasure. The skin of Mistress Kitty’s feet was soft and warm to the touch. His hands carefully caressed Her, running smoothly along each long foot at a time. His lips repeatedly pressed against different parts of Her foot with the reverence of a pilgrim paying homage to a sacred relic. Her foot was sheer perfection! He had never before known something so smooth, so pure, so alabaster white – Mistress Kitty had the finest feet ever and he was Her loyal devotee.

​It was not just his lips that paid respect to the long, elegant feet. His nostrils breathed in the aroma of Her scent with a rapturous eagerness. Mistress Kitty’s scent was utterly unique. He had commented on Her scent when they had first met, complimenting Her perfume. His Mistress had laughed – a musical laugh, utterly enchanting, almost like the sound of high silver bells – and had told him She had not been wearing perfume. He remember his breath halting in his throat at Her words: the scent was purely her own. He had never smelt anything like it before and would never smell anything as enchanting again. If only he could bottle it! Her scent, now, was a trigger to him. The second his nostrils caught the slightest hint of Her, he was dropped into a deep sub-space: his mind went numb and his desire to be an obedient plaything intensified. He knew this and reveled in it; it was in his nature and he was destined to serve Her completely.

​In addition to his hands, his tongue was most eager to worship his Mistress’ feet, particularly Her toes. His lips gently, slowly, carefully wrapped around a single toe and he pulled back, allowing his mouth to slide gracefully over Her toe, feeling the smooth surface of Her toenail against his top lip. The texture was sublime. He could not help an involuntary moan escape him at the sensation. This was pure bliss! He eager repeated the action, keen to relive the experience and his tongue licked ever so gently between Her toes this time, running over the flesh in an upwards direction, exploring the crevice between Her toes and relishing the taste they found there.

​His mind blank, he could think of no words to describe the sensation but his heart thrilled to have the pleasure of sucking on Her toes…

​Slowly and methodically, he moved his way along each toe – nothing was to be neglected! Every inch of his Mistress deserved utter adoration and he would not allow any part of Her to go unworshipped. Every single toe was enveloped by his lips as he bent down over them and tasted them. His Mistress had been in a magnificent, sexy pair of heels and the heat of the room had infused them with a tangy salty sweat that he enthusiastically lapped up now with his tongue. The taste of his Mistress was wonderful and he savored each lick like a connoisseur would a sip of wine.

​His eyes were shut in the rapture of it all, blindly diverting his body’s attention to the senses of taste, smell, and touch in lieu of his eyesight. This helped him experience the sensations all the more. The smoothness, the aroma, the flavour – it all swam over and around him, infusing his mind with the singular thought of Her: Mistress Kitty.

​Opening his eyes briefly, he moved to switch to Her second food. It gracefully lay dangling before him, the velvet texture of the skin an angelic shade of white in the lighting of the room. His eyes drank in every atom of Her foot: the graceful arc of her sole, the deep red-wine colour of the nail polish, the long and elegant toes that beckoned to him to be sucked. He simply had to obey their siren’s call…

​He focused his attention on Her second foot now, giving an equal treatment to the worship he had paid to the first. This time, he lifted and tilted the foot upwards slighted and lowered his head further so that he might access the underside of Her foot. His tongue extended outwards, like a loyal lapdog’s, and he ran the tip of it along the bottom of Her sole. He inhaled a deep breath as he did so, his pulse racing with excitement. His tongue felt every bit of Her: the smooth length of Her foot intermittently interrupted with a ridge where She had creased Her foot. Every sensation started at the tip of his tongue before running through his entire body. He moved his tongue slightly to the side and repeated the upwards motion, committing to memory the feel of Her foot against his mouth. Bending his head forward, his lips pressed together against the side of Her heel, kissing and sucking against her flesh. He suckled against Her with ardent fervor, desperate to drink in as much of his Mistress’ feet as he possibly could.

​His hands, all this time, skillfully and deftly rubbed up and down at various points of her feet. His Mistress worked hard, he knew, and he was keen to massage Her feet to ease some of the tension from them. It seemed only fair, given how She was rewarding him, to return Her kindness and help alleviate the tautness of Her muscles. His fingers pressed gently but firmly into Her flesh, easing and relaxing the muscles after their time in Her heels. It brought him much pleasure to think he was helping alleviate some of his Mistress’ tension.

​“Enjoying yourself?”

​Mistress Kitty’s voice interrupted his revery with a sudden start. He looked up adoringly to see Her staring down at him with a smile on Her face. His eyes locked onto Her steel-blue gaze and he melted even more, a lost little puppy in the presence of his owner.

​“Yes, Mistress Kitty. Thank you, Mistress Kitty.” His voice was the tone of a breathless, excited addict who could not believe his luck in scoring another hit.

​Mistress Kitty’s smile was one of warm benevolence. She stared down at him with an angelic countenance that sent his heart soaring with adoration.

​“I’m so pleased,” she cooed, “and it seems, so are you…”

​She nodded downwards towards his crotch and his eyes followed Hers to see a pitched tent in the front of his trousers. He felt a hot flush hit his cheeks in embarrassment; he was totally erect from his time worshipping her glorious feet and his penis strained against the fabric of clothes. He shuffled uncomfortably as She laughed playfully.

​“No, no, don’t try to hide it!” She commanded and he immediately ceased his shuffling. Her foot came down and the toes tapped slightly against his crotch in a playful fashion. “It’s only right you’re turned on by Me and My beautiful feet, isn’t that right?”

​“Yes, Mistress Kitty,” he heard his voice intoning, his eyes still downcast. He felt Her foot flick quickly upwards, Her big toe tapping against his chin and tilting his face to look up at Her’s again.

​“Good boy,” She crooned. His eyes still locked under Her impenetrable stare, he felt Her toe run over his chin, move towards his lips and insert itself into his mouth where he immediately began sucking on it intensely. “Very good boy. You enjoy being a good boy for Me, don’t you?”

​“Mmm-hmmm,” he managed to utter, his mouth still occupied by his Mistress’ toe.

​“You like it when I call you My good boy, don’t you?”

​He felt Her toe move up and down, bringing his mouth and the rest of his head with it to make a nodding motion. She giggled at the sight of him and he felt his cheeks burn with heat again.

​“Well, now… what shall we do with such good boys then?” Her voice trailed off and his mind swam helplessly at the prospect of what His Mistress would say next…

Written by sub rob, @Pup4kitty

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